Front Range Fiber Artisans (FRFA) is an inclusive organization devoted to promoting and developing the skills of any person practicing fiber arts,
including but not limited to: Basketry, Braiding, Crocheting, Dyeing, Embroidery, Felting, Knitting, Lace Making, Paper Making, Quilting, Sewing, Spinning, Tatting and Weaving.

We welcome new members interested in exploring fiber arts of all kinds.
Members are not required to have any particular level of expertise - only a desire to learn and to share.

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Silent Auction November 15, 2014

We would like ask that each member of FRFA consider donating one or two items of their work to our 1st Annual Silent Auction. 

Not necessarily your most expensive item, but something beautiful that you would like to share.  These donations are tax deductible, you will receive a receipt for your taxes.
We want to start taking donations in the coming weeks, there are multiple ways to do this. You can drop them off at our monthly meetings in September and October or you can give them to any of our board members. Deb Lane has graciously volunteered to be a drop off point as well, please contact her at to arrange a time and day. 

Please tag your item with your name and value of the item as well as any pertinent information you deem necessary.

Remember that our Annual Holiday Sale brought in a considerable amount of money to this organization and, with that, we have been able to keep our dues low.  Since we will not have the benefit of the Annual Sale this year, we really need this event to help our organization stay on its fiscal feet and have the funds to prepare for the next phase, to bring in guest speakers and, hopefully, have some mini workshops/programs.  

The Silent Auction will be a very upscale, gallery-type display of items donated by the FRFA members and sponsors, and items created during our dye event at the annual picnic. We will have a small ensemble of musicians play nice music, food and drink to create an atmosphere similar to what you would find in an art gallery.  People would bid on items throughout the evening (by putting their name and their bid on a sheet next to the item). At a selected time, the bidding will close. And the highest bidder will “win” the item. 

Feel free to download our “save the date” card here and pass it along to your friends and co-workers, we also have printed versions for you to pick up at the FRFA library and at our upcoming member meetings!

Stay tuned for more!
Some impressions from our Annual Picnic and Fundraiser Dye Day!
Meetings are held once a month.

11/06/14 @ MacKenzie Place

1605 Elm Creek View, Colorado Springs, CO
(SW corner of Union & Fillmore across from Audubon Med Ctr)

5:30 pm to 7:30pm | Social 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Patti Harden will talk about paper making and hand made books!

Patti Harden is a multi media artist living in Colorado Springs working with handmade paper, books and printmaking. She graduated in 2013 with her MA in the Art & The Book Program at the Corcoran School of Art & Design in Washington, DC. Ms.Harden was awarded a residency at Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD. in handmade paper and print making. She currently has a studio in the MAC in Manitou Springs where she makes paper and teaches classes.

The Program is going to be called “What is an Artist Book? 
After 3 years of graduate school, the answer is one that still escapes the students in the Art and The Book Program. I will try to answer that question, or my version of the answer during my presentation. I will show several of my pieces that have been been in several shows the progression from weaver to bookmaking.

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